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Father's Best Friend • Paul H. Martin • 2011
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Father's Best Friend by Paul H. Martin documents the life and times of the author's father, Jacob Eby Martin. The focus of this work is the first forty years of the 20th. century, where we find a young Mennonite tradesman honing his craft on the Linotype machine at the local newspaper in Chambersburg, PA, while raising a family of five boys and carrying on the faith of his forefathers with enthusiasm.

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Father's Best Friend


Table of Contents




 1. Father’s Birthplace

 2. Mother Enters Father’s Life

 3. Father’s Early Automobiles

 4. Father Brings Grandfather Eshleman

 5. In and Out of Mission

 6. Going to Goshen

 7. Surviving the Depression

 8. The Song Leader

 9. Creating More Singers

10. Singing at Funerals

11. Revival Hymn Singing

12. Attending Revival Meetings

13. And Then to Harrisonburg

14. Mother’s Later Years

15. To Be How Conservative?

16. The Gift of Hospitality

17. Epilogue I - Our Family Church a Century Ago

18. Epilogue II - The Browns Mill Mennonite Church

19. Epilogue III - Getting Onto the Family History Trail

20. Epilogue IV - A Sentimental Journey


Appendix 1 – Letter from Jacob Eby Martin to Ann Miller

Appendix 2 – Childhood Memoirs

Appendix 3 – Jacob E. Martin Retires as Linotype Operator

Appendix 4 – Grandfather

Appendix 5 – The Linotype Machine

Appendix 6 – Family Bible Pages

Appendix 7 – Jacob O. Martin Estate Settlement

Appendix 8 – Remembrance

Appendix 9 – Places of Reflection

Main Index

Appendix 10 – Diaries of Jacob Eby Martin

Diary Index

Appendix 11 – The Family Tree

Bibliography – Family Tree